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We’re recognised by our readers as the place to get some of the best content on hairdressing, techniques, and the right places to go to get good cuts. It is our mission to provide accurate information about the best hair colouring, hair styling, hair care products, cutting, and styling techniques, and the best places to get the best service on the market.

There are many advertising sites out there that will list saloons for a price, however, we like to choose our featured saloons on merit. We want to give out readers excellent content on haircutting and all that goes with it, and we feel you can sometimes find a lot more by going to somewhere that is 'doing it right. We have some incredible content however we definitely encourage you to visit some on the saloon we have a listing, it can be a real eye-opener to the industry and what can really be achieved when someone does not just 'cut hair' but in fact creates a work of art - right there in front of you.

Our History

We are a bunch of hairdressers who saw that there was a lack of transiency in a lot of websites on the internet... and we wanted to do something about that. Wanted to create a website where the beginner right thru the experts could come and find unbiased information on hairdressing and really good saloons to go to. In addition, one can pick up some really good tips and tricks from the experts that will really help in your hairdressing journey.