The salons provide a full range of hairdressing services and
techniques that will give you the awesome look you deserve.
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Many of these salons are committed to quality work, constantly learning a new skill by involving in external and internal training whenever they come up. Many of these hairdressing centres offer different packages which constitute different services at different prices. For the right price, you will get the perfect haircut.

Some of our

Asides from the hairdressing and haircutting services, these centres sell hair products which you can shop in person or buy on their website.

French Revolver Studio

Auckland City's French Revolver Studio is similar to visiting a salon, museum, and fashion show all in one place. There is no doubt that they are highly rated in Auckland, they’re that popular!

The studio is run by stylist Brad Lepper and his team. If you are looking for the perfect fringe cut, balayage, curled hairstyle, or vintage style, they have all the passion and fire you need. It's the perfect place for those who want to feel beautiful and confident immediately.

OLETTE Hair Salon

Among Auckland's most popular colouring salons, OLETTE Hair Salon is known for its innovative services. Their specialization is in hair treatments - especially hair bleaching and colouring - which are available to men, women, and children. In addition to having an excellent team of experts, they are also well known for their hospitality. Their clients can even enjoy complimentary drinks. You can count on OLETTE Hair Salon to give you a great haircut as well as friendly service.

Ryder Salon

With its attractive and relaxing brick and wooden pattern, Ryder Salon uses eco-friendly materials. Located in an area where people enjoy dining and strolling after work, this salon might be perfect for those looking for a haircut before dinner. Taking the time to find out what you want, the stylists ensure you look your best, making you feel confident and beautiful.

Hair Salon

Glamour Hair Boutique

Hair Salon Glamour Hair Boutique offers reliable, exceptional, innovative hairstyling techniques to meet a variety of clients' needs. This salon guarantees to help you achieve your most desired look with its award-winning stylists, who specialize in colour, precision cutting, and extensions. In addition to providing New Zealand's leading extensions brand, Glamour Hair Boutique is the preferred go-to salon for Hair extensions.

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